Sunday, 12 July 2015

Travel Diaries: Alba, Italy

A trip to the wine country :)
The family has been growing grapes for three generations, it was such a beautiful legacy that they had kept alive. Each member worked on an area of the business and the little ones run around the courtyard. It was too picturesque. 
My first time wine tasting, I hated half the wines haha. I am an amateur who loves sweet wines forgive me. But it was so fancy. 
The scenery was so stunning, I couldn't believe people got to live their life here everyday. I would love to stay here for months, but I would definitely miss the convenience of the city. Not quite a country  girl, Ciao 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Commuting Inspirations: Bold Stripes

She sat down directly across from me two stops before the final station. She was so laid back and casual as if we weren't all sweltering in this ridiculous summer heat wave. Her hair tied up in a simple ponytail bobbing to whatever she was listening to in her over sized headphones. 

That Girl 5

That Girl 5 by afrocentricmoi featuring a scoop dress

I of course was busy taking note of her outfit, so simple, so airy. The right note between I just threw this on and don't I look fabulous. Right up my alley.

Summer time fashion to me is about hitting that sweet spot between looking put together but at ease under the unrelenting heat. And let me tell you how glad I am to see the thunderstorm rolling in tonight, definitely in need of some cooling rain. Ciao!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bold Designs: Demestiks New York

In the summer of 2012 something awesome happened, Reuben Reuel conceived Demestiks New York, a ridiculously fantastic womenswear label based in New York.The chic models, The bold prints, the colorful minimalist look (yes I know that's not a thing) and wearability of this label makes it everything and more.
NEW The Maggie Skirt
Reuben is dedicated to providing clothes with a vintage flair while creating delicious new classics. Think old + new = everything you want to wear!
NEW The Ashley Maxi Skirt (custom length/read description)
Demestiks New York is a label that gives back with all the clothing being manufactured in the New York to promote and preserve the New York Garment District. You won't just be looking good but supporting a cause, its all good guys.
NEW The Gugu Dress
NEW The Kells Dress -1 Print/ 3 Colors Options
Isn't it all too fabulous. Ciao!
(PS: None of these images belong to me)

Monday, 22 June 2015

Travel Diaries: Lake Como

The first place I hit when I came to to Italy was of course Lake Como. I had to see how the other half lives at least once in a while. 
 Great friends, great food and the perfect atmosphere. Unfortunately that also meant a lot of crowds so we couldn't go and visit the other Islands on this day trip, I really want to revisit one day.
 I love to laugh, it is such perfect medicine for all the drama that spirals around us. Taking yourself out of your daily routine helps to shift the mojo around :) 
Can you believe there are fish in Lake Como. We sat for half an hour waiting for this man to catch a fish. And here it is!
And explore,there are some awesome shops in Como. It was super close to Switzerland too, another place on my list of places to visit. Hope you had a wonderful day, Ciao 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Don't Forget to Grab Something For Dad

Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is upon on thou the hype is definitely no where near Mother's Day. Our Dads play an important role in our lives and its good to take the chance to honor them. Ofcourse the best gifts are the gifts of time, love and gratitude. Ciao!

Commuting Inspirations: Summer Carefree

I almost missed this beautiful lady with my headphones in and my head stuck in my Italian translations book. Lucky the tram jerked to a stop and lifted my head up as those unlucky enough to be standing stumbled to stay up right.
That Girl 4
She was sitting across from me in her white shirt, boyfriend jeans and shiny nude sandals. She had short brown hair and a look that said she was off to do important things today. Sneaking a look at her across the aisle; I was reminded of those great women like Dorthy Dandrige, Marilyn Monroe and so many more who exude an aura of feminine power that is breathtaking. We can all tap into that power and I have started my journey I hope you do too. Ciao! 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Modern Ghana: Christie Brown

Christie Brown infuses modern designs with traditional African aesthetic, creating an international look with an West African sensibility.
Founded in March 2008 by Aisha Obuobi who her began her love affair with fashion by watching her grandmother, a seamstress. Who just happened to be called Christie Brown, isn't that sweet. Our passions can definitely be traced to way back when, like me spinning crazy stories about my barbie dolls.
Her pieces range from bespoke gowns, statement pieces and accessories all inspired by African culture and art. Her clothes and accessories have made a bold statement,fit for the contemporary woman. I need to get myself back to Ghana to purchases a few bits for my wardrobe!
Check out more on her page here or on Instagram @christiebrown. Ciao!
(PS: None of these images belong to me)